Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This was SO FUN! Linda, Dad's girlfriend, and I planned this party together. It was so cool how it happened since six months ago I was thinking of doing a surprise party for Dad since it's the big 5..0, but with the move to southern utah I had given up on the idea. Then Linda mentioned that she was thinking of doing a surprise party without knowing I had had the same thought. It worked out great! We looked up friends through all the chapters of Dad's life. Dad didn't expect to see me on his birthday because I had just been up and will be up again for Nate's graduation. It was convenient though, that when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said, "Just to see your smile"... haha, if only he knew, because that was part of the surprise, that my family would be there too. So Last Wednesday we drove up there for the big night. Jennie, Linda's daughter, called and told them that she had locked her keys in the car and needed Linda's spare. Even though their schedule was tight for the night they decided they'd go help her out, thank heavens since this was the plan to get Dad to the party. I had gathered everyone (which was a lot of people!) to the upper and lower staircases that are right there as you enter the room. Dad walked in & we all yelled "Surprise!" He later told me that right then his blood pressure rose through the roof and he got an instant migraine through his right eye... hehe! I am so glad we got such a response! I think he was in a state of shock through the whole night even though he was so smiley as he greeted the guests and caught up with old friends! It was totally awesome. After we let everyone get some food we had a little program to honor Dad. Nate played a song we all love so much on his clarinet, absolutely beautiful! And then we had a "mini roast" as we let the siblings share stories or dirt ;) Jennie had written words to "Broadway Baby" to fit my Dad. She made him stand with her while she sang about him... and they danced. It was awesome!! Linda had bought some gag gifts that the boys and I presented to him as he sat in the hot seat! And then we presented the most important gift... Linda had gathered pictures of Dad's whole life from infancy to current & put them into scrapbooks. There were four 3" binders full of his life! I thought that was incredible! To end Linda played the violin as we sang "Happy Birthday" and Todd presented a cake all aflame! It was the best thing ever! I am so glad we did it, it was unforgettable!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Look Who's 50!

Last Wednesday my sweet daddy turned the big 5...0...! His day started by waking up to a decorated yard thanks to his little sister, Kim! When Kim turned 40 in January Dad and the boys let her neighborhood know by decorating her yard... so she thought she'd return the favor. She put a bunch of stakes in the yard with over the hill sayings. A whole lot of balloons. Several "Look Who's 50" signs were posted on the garage and front doors. On the doorstep was a banner, a "50" pinata, and a bag of goodies which he put on for display... at least long enough for this picture to be taken! It was totally awesome, and a great way to start off the special day that would be holding even more surprises... meaning the surprise party Linda & I had planned for that night. More on that later...

Monday, May 19, 2008

What I Love

Saturday we went out for another boating trip to Sand Hallow... I'm loving this! Watching Todd ski always reminds me of when I was falling in love with him. This may sound silly but it was real important to me that whomever I ended up spending the rest of my life with HAD to love boating and being on the water. The first time I watched Todd behind the boat I knew it was meant to be! I love that he still gets out there and can rock the wake! Now I have a son that loves the water as much as his mom and dad. When we first mentioned boating Saturday morning he picked up on it right away & all we hear the rest of the day was "Boating?! Boating?!" When we got on the lake and blew up the tube he was the first that wanted to go, my little two year old - fearless! So I took him out and listened to him giggle and wave with a big smile on his face. He didn't want to get off but eventually we made him, kicking and screaming, so we could let Liv have a turn, kicking and screaming. My kids are so different. Liv was okay through the tube ride, but she didn't enjoy it. It did wear her out so she enjoyed drying and resting while we gave Gary another turn on the tube! But both kids thoroughly enjoyed playing on the beach! It is a good life!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


This was a nail biter... I decided to make it for an old friend's wedding two weeks before their big day. Fortunately it was a quick pattern and all went smoothly, until I lost my pattern book two days before it needed to be done. That was extremely frustrating, I felt like a chicken running around without my head attached. In the end I had to just decide how I wanted to complete it on my own, and finished it last Friday night, their wedding was the next morning. I was so happy with how it turned out, I definitely would make it again!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

I am truly blessed! I had such a great Mother's Day (and then I've been too busy to even get on the net to update my blog...)! I was in Salt Lake to watch my talented brothers perform and visit with my aunt, Shannon, who was visiting from Texas. Nate and the Granite Youth Symphony had their end of year concert last Thursday and Aaron performed in the mystery play Bone Chiller (more on that later). I am so proud of those two! Mother's Day morning started out perfect! We went to church with my family, and when the children were asked to come to the stage to sing we asked Liv if she wanted to go sing with the kids. She said "Yep!" and was off to catch up with the rest of the kids. Luckily the song was the same she had been practicing in our local ward, but she would've done well no matter. She waved her hands like the teacher and did some hand actions that she must've remembered from learning the song. So, I'm not one to cry in public, but I could feel the happy tears coming and gave in. But then I was just overwhelmed with joy and began to sob, that's just how happy I was! (and maybe it's cause I could feel my mom's presence!) It was perfect, and set a great mood for the rest of the day. What a treat!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blanket for Baby Benjamin

I can't believe how long it's taken me to deliver this blanket... it was for baby Benjamin that arrived to the Galvez family March 6, 2008. I rushed to get it done by Easter Sunday to deliver it at the Egg Hunt... I got it done, but I forgot to bring it with me. Then between getting the house sold and the move (where it one of my fabulous helpers packed it up without knowing it was supposed to be given away that day) I still hadn't given it away. But FINALLY I was able to give it to him at our Mother's Day dinner! So happy! I really like this pattern. There's a lot of small stitches so it took longer than other blankets to make, but in the end it is simply elegant!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

"Mother's Perspective"
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Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have figured out how to get my father-in-law to make me cookies... give him a bag of chocolate chip cookies and loan him my daughter! The two of them went to town making me a large patch of chocolate chip cookies! This is good stuff I'm talking about here! But what was the best part was my daughter delivering them fresh out of the oven on a plate with a great big smile! It was priceless!