Monday, April 27, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my computer lately... it hasn't wanted to upload my pictures lately which explains why I haven't posted, no pictures no fun.  BUT I finally got it working so I'll post about April activities soon.  For now I wanted to post about the books I've read recently:
Elsewhere by Gabreille Zevin gave me a creative look into an alternative afterlife when a fifteen year old girl dies and awakes on a cruiseliner headed to Elsewhere.  In Elsewhere everyone grows younger until they are infants and then sent down the river back to earth where they will be born again.  Liz is not happy about what has happened to her and is faced with the challenge of accepting it and learning to live as she ages younger... which means not ever getting a driver's license, getting married, having children, growing old with the love of her life, etc.  I thought it was incredibly creative and a very unique story!
I have loved the first two Fablehaven stories, and the third one was just as enjoyable.  Book three: Grip of the Shadow Plague by: Brandon Mull was one of his most creative stories.  I loved watching the young characters, Seth and Kendra, grow into their personalities and roles.  The story had several twists, some I thought where lame and others I really enjoyed!  Overall this Shadow Plague is very dangerous and those that live at Fablehaven must be very courageous if they are to defeat those that created it!