Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter everyone! It's a day late, but that's okay! I was pretty bummed this Easter weekend that we didn't get our kids together with their cousins. I love having an egg hunt with the cousins... watching all the friends run around together is so fun! But it just didn't work out this year... that's what happens sometimes. It ended up great though! Todd cooked a wonderful meal for us, his parents, and his sister, Karlie, and her boyfriend, Kye. So we were able to be with family and then have an egg hunt for the kids. The day was absolutely gorgeous... that is, until we decided to have the hunt! Then it started to rain! Bah! But we decided to go for it anyways... we laughed the whole time and it ended up being more of a "Race to find the eggs as fast as possible!" Instead of just an egg hunt! It was a good time! But we didn't forget the main reason for Easter... we talked often about our Savior atoning for our sins, dieing, and then being resurrected so that we may all live again and be with our loved ones! How grateful I am to Christ for making this ultimate sacrifice so that my family can be together forever and that I may be forgiven of my sins. The feeling is more than the human language can define!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Powdered Stripes

I was able to finish a couple of crochet projects before Suzy came and life got centered on baby! This is one of them, made for baby Noah... my newest nephew! It's a fun year for our family, there will be three new additions by the end of the year. Baby Noah was born in February, baby Suzy came two and a half weeks ago, and another baby boy is coming in June! Very exciting.. which reminds me, I need to get going on another one!

Click here to see more of my creations!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Suzy is Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since little Suzy joined out family, it's hard to believe! Mostly it's just been a blur... but I've spent most the time just staring at her, so I'm a happy momma! She's been trying to stay awake longer from time to time, but she doesn't really know what to do when she is wide-eyed. So she just acts hungry more often, go figure. My favorite thing is that she loves to hold onto things, which usually means loved ones fingers... mostly mine ;) It's especially cute when she's nursing and holding her own hands together over her chest! She's precious!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Liv's First Loss

Today my big girl lost her first tooth! It's hard for me to believe that this has finally happened, but it has. I'm so proud of her, growing up so well. I don't really understand how, cause she's a very picky eater (maybe she survives on air), but she does. And here's proof, one lost, sparkling white, shiny tooth left in a little tooth pillow I made for her... waiting for the Tooth Fairy to make her claim! I'm very excited to see her reaction in the morning! What a big day it's been for her!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Todd's Moment of Fame

My honey made it on the front page of the Community section in the Spectrum newspaper Wednesday! He cooked for three days for a special event that his HRHM class put on for the Retail Alliance in Cedar City Wednesday. Here he's using a huge ladle to spoon Raspberry Chili Chutney into warming pans. I'm so proud of him. And I'm very grateful that he likes to cook. I love to plan parties and bake, but when it comes to meals I'm no good... so he's a lot of help to have around! Love you, Babe!

p.s. His major isn't in culinary or hotel management, he took this class as an elective for fun... even though it's one of the hardest ones. He's a business management major, and will be graduating in May, YAY!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Suzy Anne's Birthday

Suzy Anne's birthday went very well! The doctor and I decided that an induction was appropriate. Well, honestly, he looked me in the eye at my 38 week visit and asked, "Do you want to get induced?" I replied sheepishly, "No... but I really don't want to be pregnant anymore..." So Tuesday, March 29th, I got a call at 6am from the hospital asking if I was ready to have a baby, "YES!" I said. Then I double checked to make sure they actually had called and I wasn't just dreaming! We headed to the hospital right away. Things officially got going at about 8am, and progressed nicely. But early afternoon I got stuck dilated to a six for awhile, which was right after I got an epidural. The nurse started getting a little concerned because baby's heart rate was dropping drastically during contractions. So she had me roll to my other side, and within minutes I had gone from a 6 to a 9! And then baby was ready to make an appearance! At 2:54pm she was delivered, and everyone was being introduced to Suzy Anne Young!