Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter everyone! It's a day late, but that's okay! I was pretty bummed this Easter weekend that we didn't get our kids together with their cousins. I love having an egg hunt with the cousins... watching all the friends run around together is so fun! But it just didn't work out this year... that's what happens sometimes. It ended up great though! Todd cooked a wonderful meal for us, his parents, and his sister, Karlie, and her boyfriend, Kye. So we were able to be with family and then have an egg hunt for the kids. The day was absolutely gorgeous... that is, until we decided to have the hunt! Then it started to rain! Bah! But we decided to go for it anyways... we laughed the whole time and it ended up being more of a "Race to find the eggs as fast as possible!" Instead of just an egg hunt! It was a good time! But we didn't forget the main reason for Easter... we talked often about our Savior atoning for our sins, dieing, and then being resurrected so that we may all live again and be with our loved ones! How grateful I am to Christ for making this ultimate sacrifice so that my family can be together forever and that I may be forgiven of my sins. The feeling is more than the human language can define!

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