Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kari's Bridals, and Cody too

Last Thursday I went back to the Sand Hollow Resort Golf Course to take bridal pictures of Kari (and Cody too). Again, we had a lot of fun, I really appreciate these two for letting me try some new things as well! When we were done I also had fun in my "digital darkroom" teaching myself some of the things photoshop can do! I love actions but I can't afford them yet and I don't have CS3 that is required for the actions I do like. Anyways, so here are some fun creation I made! Click here for more from there shoot.

I know all I've been posting lately is photography stuff, but it's been my life lately. I'm happy about this, but will be
posting other events as they happen as well. Don't worry, the kids are still keeping me just as busy as well!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amber and Anthony's Wedding

Last weekend I had the opportunity to head back to Salt Lake to take pictures for Anthony and Amber Vincent's wedding! I've known Anthony since we were kids since I was babysat by his mom, Susan, since she was good friends with my mom! It was a beautiful wedding, and I was happy to see that my old friend found someone to settle down with! Thanks for letting me be there to celebrate with you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Young Reunion

I love the Young family reunion! I love reconnecting with family (I've been friends with the Youngs long before I met Todd. If you don't know already, Todd's uncle is married to my aunt... so the Youngs are my family even more than through marriage. Chew that over for a bit :)) Everyone tries really hard to make this a really fun and memorable event, and for me it really is! This year the theme was hawaiian, yay, hosted mainly by Kris (my aunt) and Misty! There was carnival games, hawaiian festive food, and a lot of water fun! There was a scavenger hunt where we followed clues that led us to different parts of festive clothing such as: leis, grass skirts, flowers for the hair, flip-flops, etc. Although it was a deadly event, due to extreme heat, it was a lot of fun... especially for the kiddos! I love that my kids can know play with cousins and don't always need us right by their sides. I hope that events like these will provide them with the opportunity to stay connected with their extended family and develop meaningful relationships with them! To fund the reunions each year we have a "Country Store" and a small auction where items that have been donated are sold. I was reading in Grandma Young's journal, that had been typed up for the auction, and found it interesting that in 1983 she wrote about one of her family's reunions where they had a "Country Store" for the same reason. I guess good ideas stick! The reunion is always finished with a memorial service of Todd's Grandpa Young. I love hearing the stories of not only him but other family members that are told throughout the weekend. I try to write down as many as I can so I can share them with my kids as well! Thanks for the great reunion family!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kari and Cody

I had a really fun time taking these pictures of Todd's cousin, Kari, and her fiance, Cody! I had fun trying some poses I have seen done by favorite photographers and enjoyed playing with the scenery provided! I am learning to enjoy taking pictures instead of stressing over taking the "right" picture and I believe it makes a great difference when I'm on a shoot. I am still a LONG way from where I want to be, but I'm starting to have fun getting there! Thanks for the fun shoot Kari and Cody, I hope you were pleased!

I have started a blog for my photography so see more of these pictures and more coming soon at

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Montgomery Reunion

While I was in Salt Lake last week I was able to go to the Montgomery reunion. It's too bad I don't know that whole side of the family better (since this is my grandpa's siblings and down), but it was a really good time! They focused on the kiddos as much as the adults with a fish pond and marshmallow shooters (those things were a BIG hit!) For the teens and adults there was an egg toss (they were nice and hard boiled the eggs, all except one... that was kind of messy), sack hop, three legged race, and tug o' war. They talked me into the three legged race, but mostly Aaron carried me the last half! I was impressed by Liv's desire to play too! She joined in on the sack hop, that was precious, and practiced walking around tied to Aaron, that was silly! I was really glad to be able to spend time with the family while playing fun games!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amber's Bridals

I am happy to say I have been asked to take pictures for a life-long friend's wedding! Anthony and Amber will be getting married September 19th, and I'm so happy he's finally found someone he wants to settle down with! I had a good time taking bridal pictures of Amber, and I hope she is pleased with them (here's your sneak preview Amber)!