Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kari's Bridals, and Cody too

Last Thursday I went back to the Sand Hollow Resort Golf Course to take bridal pictures of Kari (and Cody too). Again, we had a lot of fun, I really appreciate these two for letting me try some new things as well! When we were done I also had fun in my "digital darkroom" teaching myself some of the things photoshop can do! I love actions but I can't afford them yet and I don't have CS3 that is required for the actions I do like. Anyways, so here are some fun creation I made! Click here for more from there shoot.

I know all I've been posting lately is photography stuff, but it's been my life lately. I'm happy about this, but will be
posting other events as they happen as well. Don't worry, the kids are still keeping me just as busy as well!!


Quinton and Laura Joy said...

That green grass against the red rock looks so sureal!!

I miss you today!!

tami and todd said...

Thanks Laura! If you come down I'll take your family pictures with such backgrounds *wink wink* Someday! I missed you a whole lot today, I was very blue :( I still scrapbooked until I ran out of tape squares, but it wasn't the same AT ALL (as you can imagine). Next time!