Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October 2013

 We kicked off our October by meeting with friends in Las Vegas.  Our husbands wanted to get together to play Dungeons and Dragons... yes, I married a nerd!  Us wives established the "Gamer Wives Club" and had a great time visiting with each other!  We are planning in making this an annual thing, it was that good!
Olivia keeps getting older despite what I'd like ;)  So she decided she was ready to be a Junior Girl Scout and bridged from Brownie.  I think she looks good in green!  When I was in Girl Scouts I was junior age, it's coming full circle and making me feel old!

Every October we traditionally have carved pumpkins the Monday night before Halloween for Family Home Evening.  I think Miss Suzy has been the least scared of pumpkin innards of al my kiddos.  She was almost happy enough with just cleaning it out, but she wanted to try carving too... very nerve-wrecking!  It's still nerve-wrecking when the big kids carve!

The Hurricane Elementary Dance Festival came early this year!  The kids were into their dances and super cute at them.  Liv was a little disappointed because we chose a "cute monster" for her to be in the Monster Mash whereas her friends were creepy looking... now I know!  I'm proud of them for giving their all every time!

Halloween is my favorite, so I still dress up with the kids!  This year we went with a Super Mario theme.  Liv was Princess Peach, Gary was Mario, Suzy was Princess Daisy, Todd was Luigi, and I was Toadette.  The kids had  great time trick-or-treating.  Suzy caught on right away, and would grab a handful at each house!  Liv and Gary wanted more this year, so we went out for another half hour or so after we dropped off a tired Suzy Q.  I hope the kids want to keep doing themes for a long time!