Thursday, October 29, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

I LOVE October! It is my favorite month! I love that it is the start of the holiday season and the fun festive activities that it holds! I love the traditions and I love the memories. It is also a bittersweet month since it holds the anniversary of my mother's passing, but I'm glad her birthday is the 2nd so that the happy memories come before the sad ones. To kick off this years October we made and decorated festive cookies for the first Family Home Evening of the month. The kids love to decorate sugar cookies, but for some reason they don't eat them as quickly as they make them. We had cookies to last us almost the whole month!

Soon we cold feel the chill in the air and figured we'd better get in one more boat run before it was really too cold. Unfortunately, for me, the water was already too cold... like ice water! But the crazy guys suited up in a wet suit and
had one last ski run for the season. I am going to miss the summer even though it is unbearably hot. I am very grateful there are four seasons, so that I can appreciate each phase!

Todd's been outside working a lot on the weekends doing various chores and Gary boy is his constant shadow :) One Saturday, working down by the river, Gary boy worked himself so much that he got his first blister! It was hilarious because his dad and grandpa were acting as though it was a right of passage :) Can I get some of that inspiration in the potty training department, please!

On another Saturday Gary boy went out to help his grandpa clean the windows (I had attempted this but couldn't get any success, turns out the right tools and arm strength makes all the difference when it comes to getting irrigation water off the windows!) I just had to snag this picture of little Gary being so proud to help out! (Liv also helped, but I missed the photo op.)

Every now and then we get days that aren't too windy and are able to go out and play. This day was especially fun because Gpa Gary brought out a long rope and started teaching the kids to jump rope. I learn new things about him all the time,
it's one of the things I love about living with Gary and Karlene. Turns out that big Gary loved to jump rope with the girls at recess when he was in elementary! So I couldn't let the moment pass without capturing the kids' grandparents jumping
rope too!

I was so excited last week when I got a call from my life long bestest friend Laura Joy, she wanted to come visit! Unfortunately it was a very busy weekend for me, but she was game to participate in whatever we had going on. So I we dressed up, her as a clown, Karlene as a devil woman, Todd as the "Swine Flu" (pig with wings, get it ;)), and myself as the swine flu vaccination and we went to our ward Halloween party! I think the party was a hit! I loved how creative our ward was with their costume
creations! We did a spin off of Fear Factor, but nothing was exactly gross or scary, so we called it the "Fun Factor". True, it wasn't for everyone, but it was a hoot nonetheless, and I appreciated all the participation we got!

And then Saturday I took Laura into Zion, I couldn't believe that she'd never been there before! We went on the short but beautiful Weeping Rock (yes, it's my favorite hike to take visitors on) and she loved it. The fall colors are just
breathtaking right now! It was a fun and gorgeous fall day, I had fun taking pictures and I think Laura had fun just taking it all in! Thanks for visiting Laura, I miss you already!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kari and Cody's Wedding

Kari and Cody's wedding day was absolutely beautiful! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them, because they were very trusting in me! My experience with them made me understand why my friend, Melissa Papaj, loves to shoot weddings! Thanks Kari and Cody!

As I am officially starting my business, called Young Photography, so I'm offering a "Grand Opening" sale promotion: sitting fee ONLY $30! For those of you in the Salt Lake area I'll be in town the weekend of Thanksgiving! Please email me or call if interested!

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