Thursday, April 26, 2012

Caribbean Cruise

My sweet mother and father in law took us on a cruise last month!  We toured the eastern caribbean, stopping at San Juan, St. Maartin, St. Thomas, and the Princess Cays islands!  I am absolutely in love with the bright blue ocean!  My favorite places were the Butterfly Farm on St. Maartin and snorkeling at Coki Beach on St. Thomas!  My least favorite stop was San Juan, because I didn't get to see any of it except through my window.  Lesson learned - if you get sick on a cruise (not like emergency sick) DON'T go to the medical center!  They isolated me to my room for 24 hours with bad room service options.  Other than that it was a perfect trip!  I loved the freedom of the cruise.  I loved spending time as a group, then just being with my honey for awhile.  I loved going dancing.  I loved reading a book on the deck.  Todd and everyone else in my group loved the food the most.  Any of you that know me, know that that is a tough spot to win me over on.  I'm pretty sure Todd's favorite spot was the snorkeling as well, that kid is a fish!  We are definitely planning on taking our kids on a cruise with us in a few years after we save our pennies!
The Grand Princess
 Formal night... I love an excuse to dress up!
 My favorite butterfly at the Butterfly Farm!
 Myself holding a blue morpho butterfly!  Heaven!
 Todd is a big kid... he still enjoys getting smashed by waves!
 We left our mark...
 This is about what heaven looks like!
 Kye, Karlie, Gary, and Todd with a pile of cannon balls in San Juan.
 Todd missing me in San Juan.
 I think I could enjoy this view for the rest of eternity, just bury me here!
 Chillin iguana!
 Todd and me snorkeling at Coki Beach.  (I am not a fish like my honey, I float!)
 Taber walking underwater with a cement cylinder, silly.
 Trick - the fish love doggy biscuits, so pack some with you when you go snorkeling, they'll swim all around you!
 Sunset at sea!
 The guys being silly with seashells at Princess Cays.
 Gary and Karlene, thanks again guys!
 Karlie and Kye chillin!
 These cute little hermit crabs were all over, I loved them!
Tyler and Kolbi (our ship in the background)
A precious memory to last forever!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jordan, Alexis, and Sunnie Photos

I have been crazy busy lately, and I know I have lots to catch up on cause it's been a bunch of exciting months.  BUT for now I'm posting some portraits I took of my good friends!  Well, I'm posting one here, but click here and it'll take you to my photography page that has more pictures!  Right now is the perfect time to get your portraits done so get in touch with me if you're interested!