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More Photography

I am glad that I have been able to take pictures again. The heat down here makes it a little challenging, because hot kids don't last long for posing but I'm glad to be behind the camera!

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from the Kleinman and the Ewell shoots!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

The kiddos headed back to school today... well, sort of. Liv for sure did. Oh, what a morning it was. The kids were excited for the first day so they both woke up without a fight and got ready and on their way without a problem. We took them to the bus stop. Once they were on we headed to the school. We like to do that to make sure they find their classrooms without a problem so they have confidence the next day. We got Gary to his class (they wait outside) then Liv to hers. Liv started second grade today with Mrs. Rowan. She met up with a friend right away, dropped off her back pack, and headed to the playground. I barely snatched her before she was playing so I could get a hug... I guess she doesn't need me so much anymore, she's a pro at this school stuff now! When I met back up with Gary and Todd they were still the only ones at Mrs. Creels door. When the bell rang and no one was coming to open the classroom door we knew something was up. So I went in, long story short... Kindergarten didn't start this week and Gary doesn't have Mrs.Creel. See we got a letter in themail telling us Liv's teacher, but not for Gary. But in a meeting at the end of last school year it was decided (or so I thought) that Gary would be in Mrs. Creels class. So I knew the teacher and start of school date & didn't think twice about it. Well for some reason it was decided that Gary would be in Mrs. Covington's class. This will be great because his best friends are in that class too! The other good side of this story, count your blessings, is that kindergarten wasn't starting yet because they were doing testing all week (something else I would've known had I received a letter). Well, Gary's testing time was at 9am (same time as school starting) and that's when we were there! Thank heaven because Todd had to work all day so I wouldn't have a car to bring him back if the appointment had been any other time. Good grief what a morning! Liv had a great first day, and Gary boy is super excited to be in a class with all his friends. I'm excited to have some spare time to get stuff done. Yay for back to school!

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