Monday, June 6, 2011

Suzy's Blessing Day

Today was a very special day! Suzy Anne Young was given a name and a blessing by the power of the priesthood! The blessing was given by her dad, but several men that we love and look up to stood in the circle. I love the feeling that comes from having my child surrounded by men set apart with such power! After being given her name her daddy blessed her to be optimistic and a peacemaker. He told her that we are excited to have her in our family, and that we are excited to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ. He then blessed her with that she will understand spiritual concepts. He blessed her that she will be sensitive to the spirit and follow it's promptings. Then, like his father blessed him with when he was an infant, he blessed her with the ability to make friends easily! I know this little angel will be strong in all things and I'm excited to watch her grow! Thanks to all that were here physically and in spirit!