Monday, June 30, 2008

New Kit

I recently bought this kit from Zoe Pearn, it's called Berry Lovely and I really like it! I especially like the realistic felt flowers, they're my favorite! I am also doing something I've wanted to do since I fell in love with digital scrapbooking but haven't felt ambitious enough yet... I am applying for a creative team... Zoe Pearns creative team to be exact. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 27, 2008

These People CAN Dance

I am totally LOVING this season of So You Think You Can Dance! I'm not one for American Idol, but I love the dancing shows, and this year I've been blown away. The first one below I watched a few times through TIVO the other night & even still, every time I watch it it stills and steels my heart! I also loved the second one below, it was aired a couple of weeks ago & blew me away also, just not quite as much as the first. Anyways, so I decided to look them up so I could share them with you all!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Lake Powell Trip

We have been home for a little while, but I am FINALLY getting around to posting pictures. I took a whole lot more than I thought I had, but I have now sorted through them and created this slideshow for you all to enjoy ;) The unfortunate thing about this trip is that Todd wasn't able to join us since we were going for a whole week & he had tests in school. It was stressful being the only one there to wrangle the kids, but I had a whole lot of help from the family. That meant a world of difference, thanks everyone!

The first couple days were really rough. I think the kids were over-stimulated (since we didn't go last year, and the last time we did go Gary was four months old and Liv just short of two) and Gary got dehydrated. I kept trying to offer them drinks, but I don't think they got the concept & by then they were too awnry and tired to accept. But after Tuesday it was like night and day. Soon they wanted to do everything their cousins, Roger and Robbie, were doing. They anxiously bugged me to go swimming whenever the boys did, and wanted to watch them fish off the side of the boat. I was especially impressed by the boys at this time, because they made the kids go get life jackets on before my kids could join them!

There was a whole lot going on, so I'll just share my favorite story instead of recounting the whole thing. One day we all loaded up on various water vehicles for a day trip to Lone Rock and the dam. I was on the wave runner with Liv & Linda (my dad's girlfriend) while Gary was on the Jazz boat with my uncle Lyle & group. We explored some canyons around the area, and outside of one we waited for my uncle to pull out so I could check on Gary. Instead of stopping, though, Uncle Lyle just kept coming at us & sprayed us really bad. It felt like the water just kept coming, and I thought we might even capsize. We didn't, but we were drenched! So I bolted to catch up with them. Once I spotted them I didn't slow down. I told Linda to hold on, and when we got close enough I turned sharp... returning the drench!! We were all laughing SO hard, it was hilarious. Unfortunately, I woke up Gary, but if Uncle Lyle would've just stopped in the first place I would've known he was asleep! It was so funny! I LOVE REVENGE!!... well, when I'm giving and not receiving ;)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially my grandfathers, sweet dad, dear father in law, and goofy husband! I am so blessed by the men in my life, they have taught me so much and set great examples. I especially love watching mine and Todd's dad be grandpas. It is so fun to watch them play with our children. Watching them be silly with them reminds me of how they once were with us! It's so fun! Todd is such a good Dad... I don't think I'd ever get my kids to eat if it wasn't for Todd's inventiveness as he "tricks" the kids to eat through games. He's so silly and playful with the kids, I love it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Second Glance

I never expected this type of book by Jodi Picoult, Second Glance is a murder mystery with a supernatural twist, and I LOVED IT! There were so many characters all dealing with struggles that this life throws at them. I want to share with you the story line, but it's hard to know where and who to start with. There is a ghost from the 1930s who had an unfortunate story. She was married to a leader in the eugenics era where it was thought that all of societies delinquents and disabilities could be rid of by sterilizing the persons having those traits. A man who was very determined in his work and not happy at all when he finds her spending time with an Abenaki "gypsy". In the present (as of 2003) this family's land was sold and ready to be developed by paranormal events, such as frozen ground in the middle of August, was keeping them from doing there jobs. As well as Abenaki protesters who claimed the land was sacred burial grounds for their people. Ross Wakeman comes in as a depressed ghost hunter who, after having his fiance die in a car accident, searches for her ghost. Those are the two lives I'll tell you about to give you an idea of the story. But there is a whole lot involved. Most of it, for me, was predictable, but I still loved the story. Picoult is a writer, and she writes with the elegance of a writer. I love how she explains everything (even when I've been reading the book for so long, my fault... I'm a busy mom, I just want her to get to the point) with such flavor! I highly recommend this book!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Spotlight

- I went back to Salt Lake again so I could watch my "little" brother graduate from high school! It was a lot of fun and hard to believe. I remember when we were a whole lot younger stating our class years I thought "Class of '08" sounded so far away, yet it has come and now past! Nate sure has a lot to be proud of when he looks back on his school years: he's an accomplished clarinet player who not only plays for the school band but also the Granite Youth Symphony. He graduated with a cumulative 3.8GPA and 3.9CPA! He's made excellent friends and even one beautiful girl to call his "girlfriend"! I am so proud of him & I am excited to watch as his future unfolds! Congrats Little Bro!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Five Years

I can hardly believe that it has been five years (as of yesterday) since Todd and I tied the knot! It is amazing how time flies! A lot has happened in the last five years, ups and downs, lose of loved ones, joy of children, and so much experience gained! This year has been a rough one for us, but I am so grateful that we have stuck it out and have now celebrated! This year is going to be so much better, and I'm looking forward to it! His gift from me was kind of lame... he lost his wedding ring so I got him a new one. It was a requirement for him to wear it if he were going back to college, cause I know what those girls are really there for ;) Todd,
on the other hand, totally surprised me... since I have been up north the last few days he decided to build me this sweet set up down by the river so i can lounge in this hammock while I watch the kids! So thoughtful! He's funny, he'll never give me what I ask for, but he knows me well enough to blow me away with perfect surprises!

I have seen this "husband tag" going around lately & have decided that this is the ideal time for me to do it, so I can share some insights into TNT (Tami and Todd):

What is his name: Todd Allen Young
How long have you been together: 5 years and 1 day
How long did you date: Just about one year before we were married.
How old is he: he's 28 but he acts a whole lot younger than that!
Who eats more: definitely Todd
Who is taller: Of course, Todd
Who said I love you first: He did, totally surprised me too!
Who does the laundry: I do, but I can bribe him to help me fold sometimes... if I get lucky ;)
Who does the dishes: Both of us, but since school started for him it'll be more now days
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: I do
Who pays the bills: I am the finiancial director around this establishment
Who mows the lawn: What lawn? We live in a desert! But he did back when we had one... oh how I miss the grass...
Who cooks the dinners? I do, but it's a lot more entertaining when he helps. For example, last Sunday dinner we had root beer floats in frosted glasses with our meal!
Who sings better: hmmm... probably him when he wants to.
Who is more stubborn: I think I mostly am, but he can have his moments.
Who is smarter: He thinks he's "the smartest person he knows" but the truth is I definitely am the smarter one *wink wink*
Who kissed who first: I kissed him first, hehe
Who asked who out first: I took him to Wendys as a "thank you" for showing me around my new hometown, so I guess that was our first date. But he invited me down there so he could show me around, so hmmm
Who proposed: Todd did, and even though I knew it was coming he totally surprised me!!
Who has more friends: I think I have more friends in real life, he has more friends in the world of the internet... so I think I'm one up on that ;)
Who has more siblings: Todd
Who wears the pants in the family: in the end... ME ;)

Love you babe!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I think this bracelet is so fun! I bought these beads since they remind me of summer... turns out it really matches a new skirt I bought too (as seen on the previous post)! Anyways, this is the tassel or fringe pattern since I've got it down by now & I think it is so funky! Here is my first one and the second I called Sea Creature. Plus I made twelve of them for the ladies in my book club for gifts last christmas. Trust me, there will be more!!