Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Spotlight

- I went back to Salt Lake again so I could watch my "little" brother graduate from high school! It was a lot of fun and hard to believe. I remember when we were a whole lot younger stating our class years I thought "Class of '08" sounded so far away, yet it has come and now past! Nate sure has a lot to be proud of when he looks back on his school years: he's an accomplished clarinet player who not only plays for the school band but also the Granite Youth Symphony. He graduated with a cumulative 3.8GPA and 3.9CPA! He's made excellent friends and even one beautiful girl to call his "girlfriend"! I am so proud of him & I am excited to watch as his future unfolds! Congrats Little Bro!


Chel said...

What a very handsome graduate! Congrats! Such a lovely family you have!

Last year my little brother graduated from Davis.... and now he has been on a mission for 10 months!! I can't believe it!

Aly said...

Congrats Nate!!! Now is when the time really starts to fly!!! I graduated 10 years ago!!!

wawa joy said...

These are such beautiful pictures tami!! They really bring alive the event!

Wardles said...

That's awesome... yet crazy.. I still can't believe they have become that old! Congrats!