Friday, June 27, 2008

These People CAN Dance

I am totally LOVING this season of So You Think You Can Dance! I'm not one for American Idol, but I love the dancing shows, and this year I've been blown away. The first one below I watched a few times through TIVO the other night & even still, every time I watch it it stills and steels my heart! I also loved the second one below, it was aired a couple of weeks ago & blew me away also, just not quite as much as the first. Anyways, so I decided to look them up so I could share them with you all!


Chel said...


My favorites are Joshua, Chelsea, Twitch and Kerrington. They are awesome. I do like Katie and her partner (forgot his name) as well, but I was turned off by Katie's attitude at auditions... and I think that counts for something. My favorites just happen to be couples-- which is cool :)

Amy said...

I've not really seen the show before, I very rarely watch network tv anymore, but those kids are amazing!

Aly said...

I LOVE that show too!!! Between that and Biggest Loser you can't go wrong!!!!