Friday, June 13, 2008

Second Glance

I never expected this type of book by Jodi Picoult, Second Glance is a murder mystery with a supernatural twist, and I LOVED IT! There were so many characters all dealing with struggles that this life throws at them. I want to share with you the story line, but it's hard to know where and who to start with. There is a ghost from the 1930s who had an unfortunate story. She was married to a leader in the eugenics era where it was thought that all of societies delinquents and disabilities could be rid of by sterilizing the persons having those traits. A man who was very determined in his work and not happy at all when he finds her spending time with an Abenaki "gypsy". In the present (as of 2003) this family's land was sold and ready to be developed by paranormal events, such as frozen ground in the middle of August, was keeping them from doing there jobs. As well as Abenaki protesters who claimed the land was sacred burial grounds for their people. Ross Wakeman comes in as a depressed ghost hunter who, after having his fiance die in a car accident, searches for her ghost. Those are the two lives I'll tell you about to give you an idea of the story. But there is a whole lot involved. Most of it, for me, was predictable, but I still loved the story. Picoult is a writer, and she writes with the elegance of a writer. I love how she explains everything (even when I've been reading the book for so long, my fault... I'm a busy mom, I just want her to get to the point) with such flavor! I highly recommend this book!


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