Thursday, May 14, 2009

Looney Fun

This "Looney" blanket was very fun to make, and was given to my bestest friend, Laura Joy, for her soon to arrive baby girl!  My favorite thing about this blanket is the fringe!  I hate fringe, I hate how messy it can get, and how it can tickle your nose when you cuddle with it.  Anyways, so I thought this was the perfect solution!  By putting three single crochets in each chain creates a spiral effect that is so fun and decorative while also giving the fringe the bulk it needs to hang nicely without tangling!  I also love the color combination.  I know it's not the most "girly" combo, but Laura's favorite color is yellow, so I hope so loves it's bright playfulness!  I am super excited to meet Laura's little one when she finally arrives here sometime before the end of June!