Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gary Boy Turns 3

My little Gary boy turned three last friday (February 6th), so on Saturday we celebrated with a construction themed birthday party!  It was a hit!  First the kids got to try out some of the jobs that can be found on an actual construction site.  They included: hammering nails, screwing in screws, sawing wood, climbing a tall ladder, and painting a house (ours made out of cardboard).  The kids, even the "big kids" loved these activities!  Especially the birthday boy.  When I asked him what his favorite part was he said it was the tractor cake, but I think he loved the activities just as much cause he was the last one we had to drag out of the garage for dinner!  Dinner was scrumptious, and a special thanks to all those who helped me get it ready!  After that we headed back into the garage so the kids could break open a cement truck pinata, just what kids need... more sugar!  Then Gary boy got to unwrap his presents.  I love how appreciative Gary is with each present, because he takes time to check out the new gift.  It's a very unique trait of politeness he has already built in!  For the finale we lit up the tractor, well backhoe, cake (which I was just so happy it turned out), sang happy birthday, and let Gary blow out the candles!  What a great time!  I am so grateful for those that traveled for the occasion (which many of our guests did since we live in the middle of nowhere now)!  It was a very special day!