Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryker Turns One

This last weekend I got to take pictures of my sweet nephew, Ryker (Kolbi and Tyler's little one). He's such a sweetheart, I was happy I got to spend some extra time with him! The weather wasn't very cooperative, but it worked out just fine. Even though he's not so sure about my camera, we were able to get him to smile and give us some personality shots.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Penelope the Purple Horse

Meet Penelope the Purple Horse. I made this sweet thing for my precious Liv. It was so much fun watching Liv's excitement as the odd pear shaped thing became a horse. Each morning after I had worked on it she'd make a comment about the new ears, or the cute hair, or that it had eyes, etc. I love that she was noticing the growth. One day she asked me why she never saw me work on it, I explained it's because I worked on it while she was sleeping... it was kind of like Santa came everyday :) It was a lot more work then I had thought it'd be, but it is super cute! So I am proud that I stuck through it and completed Penelope the Purple Horse!

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