Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Sealing Day

Taking my family to the temple to get sealed was the most joyful day I've had so far in my life... it was heaven on earth!  I was impressed with the kids understanding of what was going on at such a young age, it reminded me of how fresh they still are from God's presence!  Last Saturday, June 20th, was actually a very rainy day but we were all smiles!  We took the kiddos inside the temple at about 2:50pm, were sealed across an alter at 4:20pm, scrabbled to move all of our luau decorations to the church house (because the monsoon rains drenched our original plans) afterwards, then finally fed our guests at 6:30pm!  It was one memorable day.  It was very heavenly and very fun!  Liv explained how she felt to her Grandma Linda by saying "I felt it in my heart!"  Trying to further understand Linda asked, "Inside the temple?"  Liv said, "Yeah," Linda said, "Was it the spirit?" Liv sweetly and simply said, "Yeah!"  Too precious!  I am so grateful for this gift we have to have our families sealed for all time and eternity!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Ryker

This month so far has been incredibly busy and isn't about to slow down yet.  So I will keep posting pictures of these memorable events so none are left out!  The day after my dad and Linda got married (so June 11th) little Ryker McKee Young was born to Todd's brother, Tyler, and his wife Kolbi!  After three hours of hard laber there were super excited to meet this little 7lb 6oz precious doll!  He is absolutely beautiful and perfect!  When we took Liv and Gary to meet their new little cousin they were elated!  I think at first they were surprised at how small he was but then they quickly adapted and gave him sweet soft kisses upon his head!  Liv was so proud when I helped her "hold" him!  But none of our family was as proud as Todd!  He just wanted to keep holding him and later kept asking if he could go visit Ryker as though he were a little kid with a new friend!  It was priceless!  Ty & Kolb's, children are the most fun, and I'm so excited to see you two as proud parents!  Congratulations!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congratulations Dad and Linda

On Wednesday, June 10th, my dad took Linda to the temple to get married, congratulations you two!  It was such a busy and fun day of celebration... rain included!  We started the morning at the Salt Lake Temple where the two were married in a meaningful ceremony!  Once they got out of the temple the rain started pouring, but everyone just smiled and laughed it away.  After a few group posses it let up and we were able to take a bunch of pictures around temple square (the one above being one of my favorites).
Then we went to a luncheon at Red Lobster.  I am truly not a fan of seafood, but I'm happy to say that the chicken was scrumptious!  Unfortunately, Todd wasn't able to enjoy his until the very end because of some "miscommunication" between waiters and cooks... lame.  But the company was fantastic!  
Following lunch we were allowed an hour to sit before we were put to work helping decorate (just kidding, I was happy to help wherever I was needed) and pictures.  Although, not as much time was spent doing pictures since the rain continued through our "photo time".   But we were able to get some done inside, until the kids were fed up and restless.  Before we knew it guests started arriving.  I enjoyed being the "Line Manager" by standing at the end of the line and "entertaining" the guests to keep their mind off the slight chill (luckily it had stopped raining by then).  I had a great time seeing old neighbors and family.  
I have to admit that my favorite part was decorating the car!  We had to promise to be tasteful & I think we accomplished the task very nicely!  Kim provided decals and cans (yay!)   We wrote on the windows with appropriate crayons and tied ribbon wherever available.  Then filled the car with colorful balloons which poured out when my dad opened the door for Linda!  He pulled out a utility knife and started to pop them, that sound combined with the balloons popping from gliding across the asphalt made the sound of fireworks going off... that was so cool!  Then they drove off to start their honeymoon with us leaving shortly after to crash our heads onto our pillows!  Congratulations again, you two! 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Anniversary and a Day of Temples

Last Saturday, June 6th, was mine and Todd's sixth wedding anniversary!!  It's been quite the year for us so we were especially excited to be celebrating this one!  It was pretty special since it ended up being a day of temples!  We started by going with our friends, Gerald and Lori Brady (and company), to the openhouse for the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  It is so beautiful!  I love that our church is able to have the funds to spare no expense to make these houses incredible without going into debt!  We got to take our kiddos with us which was extra special since we are going to the Salt Lake Temple June 20th to get sealed for all eternity!  This was a unique experience to be able to take the kids inside the temple to show them a room like the one we'll be sealed in and teach them what we'll do and how to act.  It amazes me how innocent and sweet their spirits are.  While we talk and teach of the sealing it's as if they completely understand what is going on and they are just as excited as us!  I love it, and it's a reminder of how fresh their spirits still are from leaving our Heavenly Father's presence!
Later that day we got to go to the Jordan River Temple as Nate, my little brother, took his endowments out!  I was so excited and smiled the whole time as I watched my now grown up "little" brother reach this milestone!  Afterward
 we went to Leatherby's, a local ice cream shop, for dinner and treats to celebrate with those that attended the session (plus Aaron & the kiddos).  We had a lot of fun, and I am so grateful for the joy that comes from following the commandments and the blessings we receive when we keep the covenants we make with the Lord!
So it was a typical anniversary celebration, but I thought it was such a powerful day full of meaning!  Plus, in less then two weeks Todd and I will celebrate again as we are sealed, making our marriage and family no longer for just time, but for eternity! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toquer Falls

I'm trying to get back into the blogging world, I've missed it.  It's a real nice way to journal what my family is up to, so thank you to those that have been patient with me and have still stopped by the blog!  This last weekend we went for a "Sunday drive" to our local Toquer Falls!  I've recently learned that Todd's Grandpa Young used to take his kids for Sunday drives, sometimes with no destination in mind!  So when big Gary suggests a Sunday drive I love to grab the opportunity to make memories!  Our little outing to the falls was more fun then we anticipated, not that we didn't anticipate fun... just that it was really really fun!  At first the kids were incredibly cautious, especially when walking across the top of the falls.  But by the end Gary boy forgot all danger and often was caught suddenly off guard when waist deep in rushing water (thank heavens there were four of us adults to keep an eye on him).  Even Liv was more daring!  I had left my water bottle at the top of the falls, so Todd climbed up then sent it down the falls to me.  Soon that became a game... The kids or Todd would throw the bottle up the falls and then the kids would rush to try to catch it as the current carried it towards the next fall!  It was a hoot!  Probably more action then should be have on a Sunday, but it was still incredible fun and a great bonding experience for all of us!
By the way, you may have noticed the band-aid on the back of Gary-boy's head... I actually put that picture in on purpose, because on Saturday he gave us quite the scare!  He was "helping" me clean the bathroom.  I turned to my back to him to rinse soap off the walls of the tub when he slipped off his stool and hit his head on the knob of a draw.  I picked him up to console him when I saw in the reflection of the mirror that his head was gushing blood.  Eventually we got the bleeding to stop, gave him a buzz cut around the wound and placed a band-aid.  Isn't that just how it is... right before special events (my dad's wedding and family pictures) we have to give him a silly haircut and bandage him up!  I'm just grateful he wasn't hurt worse!!