Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Ryker

This month so far has been incredibly busy and isn't about to slow down yet.  So I will keep posting pictures of these memorable events so none are left out!  The day after my dad and Linda got married (so June 11th) little Ryker McKee Young was born to Todd's brother, Tyler, and his wife Kolbi!  After three hours of hard laber there were super excited to meet this little 7lb 6oz precious doll!  He is absolutely beautiful and perfect!  When we took Liv and Gary to meet their new little cousin they were elated!  I think at first they were surprised at how small he was but then they quickly adapted and gave him sweet soft kisses upon his head!  Liv was so proud when I helped her "hold" him!  But none of our family was as proud as Todd!  He just wanted to keep holding him and later kept asking if he could go visit Ryker as though he were a little kid with a new friend!  It was priceless!  Ty & Kolb's, children are the most fun, and I'm so excited to see you two as proud parents!  Congratulations!


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Congratulations guys! Hope you're doing well.

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