Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congratulations Dad and Linda

On Wednesday, June 10th, my dad took Linda to the temple to get married, congratulations you two!  It was such a busy and fun day of celebration... rain included!  We started the morning at the Salt Lake Temple where the two were married in a meaningful ceremony!  Once they got out of the temple the rain started pouring, but everyone just smiled and laughed it away.  After a few group posses it let up and we were able to take a bunch of pictures around temple square (the one above being one of my favorites).
Then we went to a luncheon at Red Lobster.  I am truly not a fan of seafood, but I'm happy to say that the chicken was scrumptious!  Unfortunately, Todd wasn't able to enjoy his until the very end because of some "miscommunication" between waiters and cooks... lame.  But the company was fantastic!  
Following lunch we were allowed an hour to sit before we were put to work helping decorate (just kidding, I was happy to help wherever I was needed) and pictures.  Although, not as much time was spent doing pictures since the rain continued through our "photo time".   But we were able to get some done inside, until the kids were fed up and restless.  Before we knew it guests started arriving.  I enjoyed being the "Line Manager" by standing at the end of the line and "entertaining" the guests to keep their mind off the slight chill (luckily it had stopped raining by then).  I had a great time seeing old neighbors and family.  
I have to admit that my favorite part was decorating the car!  We had to promise to be tasteful & I think we accomplished the task very nicely!  Kim provided decals and cans (yay!)   We wrote on the windows with appropriate crayons and tied ribbon wherever available.  Then filled the car with colorful balloons which poured out when my dad opened the door for Linda!  He pulled out a utility knife and started to pop them, that sound combined with the balloons popping from gliding across the asphalt made the sound of fireworks going off... that was so cool!  Then they drove off to start their honeymoon with us leaving shortly after to crash our heads onto our pillows!  Congratulations again, you two! 


Sonja said...

Congratulations Larry and Linda!

Dean and Rachel said...

I am so happy for your dad! He so deserves to be happy. CONGRATS...