Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gary's Preschool Program

We went to a fun little party at Gary's preschool last night. They had the kids sing a couple songs, Gary was the most bouncy one of the bunch. He thoroughly expressed his joy through movement! You'd never known that earlier that day when the teacher announced they'd be working on their songs he said, "No, thanks!" But, hey, at least he's polite! Afterwards we decorated gingerbread cookies. The kids took their time and made very handsome little men!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Liv's First Dance Recital

First of all, I want to thank everyone that drove down and those nearby that came to Liv's dance recital. I felt very loved having such a great support group there for her! She did a great job! She started off a little rocky since she got stepped on by a tap shoe right before the show was to start. She was pretty sad, but went on stage and did her best on the tap routine until she got kicked by another tap shoe (on accident of course). She was hurt and wanted to run to me, but she braved through it and finished the routine! I was very proud of her succeeded at her first "the show must go on" experience! She did especially well at the ballet routine (below), she loved that dance and it was easy to see! I'm very happy that we found something that she enjoys and can shine at!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Todd's Birthday

My sweet honey had another birthday! He actually got to celebrate for two days! While we were in Salt Lake we went to see the new Disney princess movie, Tangled. The kids were super excited about the movie when they saw previews, so Todd, being the softy he his, told the kids all he wanted for his birthday was tickets to see Tangled. So we gave him the tickets and invited a bunch of his friends to go with us. I appreciate Todd's friends,they are awesome! Afterwards we went to the nearest ice cream shop for ice cream cake. Unfortunately we weren't the only ones with such an idea, so it was a bit of a wait to purchase the cake. But luckily a restaurant across the way had the BYU/UTAH game on it's big screen TV, so Todd and his guests were able to watch the end of the game. What a close one! (The Y didn't win, but Todd had fun anyways, he's a good sport). We went home to Toquerville that night, so he didn't have to travel on his actual special day. That night we had dinner with a handful of his family! I think he had a good birthday, I sure hope so... he deserves it!

Winder Family Pictures

I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, but I do still enjoy it. Although this little one, even though she's usually my friend, was not happy with me at all. I think it was the big camera I kept pointing at her. But once we got her grandma there we got some smiles, well... at least no more tears, from her! Click here to see more.