Sunday, December 5, 2010

Liv's First Dance Recital

First of all, I want to thank everyone that drove down and those nearby that came to Liv's dance recital. I felt very loved having such a great support group there for her! She did a great job! She started off a little rocky since she got stepped on by a tap shoe right before the show was to start. She was pretty sad, but went on stage and did her best on the tap routine until she got kicked by another tap shoe (on accident of course). She was hurt and wanted to run to me, but she braved through it and finished the routine! I was very proud of her succeeded at her first "the show must go on" experience! She did especially well at the ballet routine (below), she loved that dance and it was easy to see! I'm very happy that we found something that she enjoys and can shine at!


Brandon and Julie said...

cute, she is a doll. I just read another post on someone else's blog and her daughter is in this same class. small world.

Wendy and Spencer said...

She is so cute!!! She did a great job!