Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I didn't end up finishing this book, I just had to put it down. At the end of the day reading about these totally screwed up people drove me bonkers... it was nuts. But I still have an opinion, plus we just had our book club discussion on it so there is something to be posted... The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards is very well written. Kim Edwards makes the scene tangible with her vivid description. I wish this was something I enjoyed more, but as a mom that reads a sentence or two whenever she can catch a spare minute all that delicate writing became frustrating. Yet, it is appreciated, or will be in a future date when I can sit on the porch and just absorb beautiful stories. This tale is of a father's (who's also a doctor) decision to discard or put away his new born daughter when he recognizes the signs of a Mongoloid (down syndrome). Set in the 1960s, down syndrome was not accepted and, feeling that this would destroy his family, asked his nurse to send the child to an institution. But Caroline, the nurse, is unable to leave the hours-old child at such a cold place, decides to keep the baby girl as her own. As the dad, David, hands his wife the other twin baby he tells her that the other child died during birth. The lies and guilt torture the family as they live on their lives on shaky territory, while Caroline develops a beautiful life for herself and her new daughter. It is amazing how we have developed social acceptance of these disabled individuals. We recognize them as individuals that deserve the same rights and lives that we have. Even though I was so frustrated with David, the father, and their family that I just couldn't read on I still appreciated our positive and successful discussion on the subject of down syndrome, positive perception, and acceptance!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pretty Purple

Since I wasn't able to access the internet with my computer for so long this poor little beauty got overlooked. This one took me a while because it's made almost entirely of popcorn stitches. Popcorn stitches make it real thick and warm, but takes a whole lot of yarn. Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out. The flowers are more hidden in mine (they were stood out more in the pattern picture, but it's all in the color and perception). This one is up for sale on Etsy, so feel free to look into it. I have been working real hard on my blankets since I'm setting a goal to sell enough to pay for my super awesome camera that got ruined during a "mommy moment"... here's the story: I was taking Liv with me to my little brother's Honk performance. Time was tight so I was rushing to get everything together to get to places on time. In the process I didn't know I hadn't screwed on her sippy cup lid. Orange juice filled my purse as we drove. In the end it had drenched everything in my wallet, made my phone do weird things, and ruined the camera so it wouldn't take pictures. Turns out there's a flat rate of $200 to clean it all up and get it working again :( So, even if you aren't interested in a blanket, could you spread the word... I'd appreciate it!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My New Toy

Okay, well, it's really for my hubby, but still... I get to play too!! So, good news, Todd was hired by a bigger company... YAY! Unfortunately, they don't provide a truck, so we had to go looking for a new one (since Desert Point provided a truck and we'll have to return that one, of course). We headed to Utah Auto Sales where Todd's ward friends have created a fabulous company. Their selection wasn't as large as I had hoped, but we really trust these guys so we investigated our options all around (we did scope out some other car sales on our way, too). We fell in love with this Ford Explorer sport edition! It's real classy and gives my husband the image he needs as the superintendent of the new subdivision he'll be in charge of in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Plus, it's got all sorts of room so we can put the kids in for any rides we may be taking as a family. It gets good gas mileage. The bed is covered, I always thought that was real weird, but I love it... it's like a really big trunk! Todd likes it cause he doesn't need a toolbox, he can feel it all up in the back then lock down the cover. Anyways, it's a real treat and I feel very blessed to have such a beauty in my driveway!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 Reasons Why I Blog...

I was tagged by the talented Sue! This tag has really got me thinking since I was so against blogs for the longest time. So, hmm, why did I finally start blogging? Here are the top five...

1 - It's an easier way to keep my family and friends updated on the growth of my sweet family!

2 - I found a user-friendly set up, free and easy to access.

3 - To find new friends with common interests. (I found this fun little picture over at Suzanne's)

4 - Post my random thoughts, as if it's important to everyone else!

5 - Everyone else is doing it ;)

Then it's my duty to tag others, so I tag:

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Jodie Marshall

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Brother, My Sister, and I

The book My Brother, My Sister, and I by Yoko Kawashima Watkins was not as great as her first one, well... that's my opinion. I read her first one, So Far From the Bamboo Grove (the story of her escape from Korea to Japan during World War II), and was so amazed by her story that I really wanted here the rest of her fascinating story. I guess that the events just didn't seem as trivial as what she had already been through, it was more of just the consequences and not the terrible event. I'm not sure that makes sense, but the point is that it just wasn't as exciting. But, still, I am absolutely amazed by how humble they are. The family was well-to-do before the war but they lost that all when her dad became a Russian prisoner and the girls had to escape in the middle of the night not to see their brother again until they were in Japan. Once there they had to scrounge for food, they'd eat what no one else would and they were so grateful for it. That stuff really makes me grateful and more appreciative for the luxuries I have!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Trip to Spokane, Washington

Well, we've been back from our trip for a couple days and I'm just now getting to the fabulous post. I really don't like not having a computer, it stinks! Anyways, so the trip was WONDERFUL! So there's not too much to do in Spokane, at least nothing like Disneyland and such... but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL there! One night while the sun was setting I realized there weren't mountains and it was real bizarre to me, but the horizon lined with thick evergreen trees was just as breathtaking! First of all, we went up there to watch Todd's brother, Tyler, graduate from Gonzaga University with his Masters. We are so proud of him! Plus, now him and his wife (Kolbi, one of my roommates from my first apartment in college) be moving back into the valley, we're real excited for that! We enjoyed a low-key Mother's Day, which I was spoiled, by-the-way! Then we spent the next two days seeing the sites... very gorgeous parks, Spokane really knows how to take care of their city parks. The nature is well preserved and glorified! Todd loved the old buildings there, deep in down town you can find them right next to new ones. It seems that here in Salt Lake the old ones are torn down for the new ones and that is kinda sad, because of the history lost. My favorite was the giant red wagon by the river... that was absolutely spectacular! It was a great vacation and really hard to come back, but that's why vacations are great... there WILL be another again soon :) Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Belated Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

First I have to apologize for being gone so long, and figured I better make a post while I have access to a computer anywhere! My computer is in to see the "doctor" since it has caught a virus. Yes, I am an idiot and used Lime Wire. I knew the risk of receiving a virus but didn't think it would occur in the first few days of playing on it. So all others... BEWARE! Plus, I'll be hoping a plane Saturday with my family to attend my brother-in-law's graduation... yay for the "Master"!! Anyways, so we'll be in Spokane, WA for a nice little vacation... so happy!
So about this "Thinking Blogger Award".. I was nominated by the sweet Suzanne who flattered me with great words, she said...
"I noticed right away at Tami's blog that family is the most important thing to her. She writes about past trials with grace and speaks of the tender mercies of the Lord. Her perspective is amazing."
She is too kind! Thanks, though! Anyways, I do try to keep my posts quick and to the point so that you all don't have to spend your whole lunch break reading about me... I just like to show off my fabulous family and the story behind the photo. I'm glad, though, that many of you really enjoy my site. Plus, I hope that the family feels like they are keeping real up to date since I started this blog (well, not counting the last couple of weeks that the computer has been down). And now I have to nominate and tag those sites that I love and make me think...

My Fantastic Five (soon to be six) has a wonderful family which means she's a wonderful mom! But mostly, she teaches me a lot in endurance and patience since her husband is a doctor... that is a tough life for a woman and she deals with it divinely!

My friend at 365 Photos makes me think of all the potential my photos have to become beautiful works of art!

I absolutely love this BookNut! I love discovering new finds at her site (besides, she can read a whole lot more a whole lot faster than I can so there's always something new up!)

Of course, my life-long friend, Sheena Schipper's, site always gets me thinking. Since we've always known each other it's amazing, and sometimes shocking, to think about where we are today!

And my new friend at Sarah's Scrappin' Corner has helped me "think" my way into the evolution between traditional scrapbooking and the new modern ways of digital scrapbooking!

The participation rules are simple (if you so choose to participate, that is!):
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.