Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Trip to Spokane, Washington

Well, we've been back from our trip for a couple days and I'm just now getting to the fabulous post. I really don't like not having a computer, it stinks! Anyways, so the trip was WONDERFUL! So there's not too much to do in Spokane, at least nothing like Disneyland and such... but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL there! One night while the sun was setting I realized there weren't mountains and it was real bizarre to me, but the horizon lined with thick evergreen trees was just as breathtaking! First of all, we went up there to watch Todd's brother, Tyler, graduate from Gonzaga University with his Masters. We are so proud of him! Plus, now him and his wife (Kolbi, one of my roommates from my first apartment in college) be moving back into the valley, we're real excited for that! We enjoyed a low-key Mother's Day, which I was spoiled, by-the-way! Then we spent the next two days seeing the sites... very gorgeous parks, Spokane really knows how to take care of their city parks. The nature is well preserved and glorified! Todd loved the old buildings there, deep in down town you can find them right next to new ones. It seems that here in Salt Lake the old ones are torn down for the new ones and that is kinda sad, because of the history lost. My favorite was the giant red wagon by the river... that was absolutely spectacular! It was a great vacation and really hard to come back, but that's why vacations are great... there WILL be another again soon :) Enjoy the pics!


Suzanne said...

How nice that you could have a trip and be able to support family. It looks like you had a fantastic time! :)

Tyler & Sheena said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time. How did the plane ride go for you?

tami and todd said...

The plane ride went real well, surprise! I brought coloring, books to read, some toys, and even blocks. Although, the ride back wasn't has good since he had such irregular sleep the whole trip so he was real ornery that flight. As long as he was up walking and socializing he was just fine, though.