Saturday, April 21, 2007

Girls' Beading Night

I had been waiting for this night for a long time, since my sweet aunt Shannon Cook first brought up her beading stuff and got us all involved in making jewelry last fall. See Shannon comes into town from Texas to visit her favorite ladies here in Salt Lake. We have a super fun time, a nice little getaway from real life. Then she leaves us then real life takes over again, beading takes a back seat, us girls don't get together hardly ever, and that's just no fun. So this time I was determined to follow through with our bright idea of a Girls' Beading Night. I discovered this fabulous bead shop called Heart Beads at Cottonwood Mall... it is the most fun bead shop I have ever been in ever. The beads are on string as well as placed in glasses of various shapes and sizes, so fun! The wonderful owner was game for our idea and allowed us to gather at her place. We finally followed through with the plan this last Thursday, and it was super fun! I finished this awesome fringe bracelet that I actually started when Shannon was here in March this year. It was a very fun and stressful bracelet to do. It's tough cause it's got all these little "fingers" that like to grab your thread and it's time consuming, but other than that I love it and my mind has ran wild with ways to tweak it to make it even more spectacular! We will follow through with Girls' Bead Night every first Thursday night of the month. Any of you interested here in the valley or nearby let me know, just email me. Fun Stuff!!!

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