Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Spotlight

I am so so very proud of myself this spring. I don't know a thing about keeping up a yard. My family had one little garden and no trees to speak of so it wasn't a big thing there. Now I have my own yard and I'm all for the big bright brilliant flowers and I had heard of the bulbs you plant in the fall. Okay, I say, no big deal I'll give it a try. I check the back of the box, plant during ideal time, then wait. My biggest concern, despite my lack of green thumb, was the rodents that live in our yard... what if they decided to have a nice big seed for a mid-winter meal?! So when spring arrived, mostly, I was ecstatic to discover that amidst the weeds poking their heads above ground were actually flower greens! Yay!!


The Mad Hatter said...

congrats Tami! I couldn't grow something if my life depended on it. Ask me about our garden next time you see me.

Suzanne said...

How pretty! I love flowers in the yard too! :)