Thursday, April 12, 2007

Princess Academy

I would like to take this moment to RAVE over Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, it was absolutely wonderful! I heard of this book from one of my favorite bloggers, Book Nut, who I go to when I really need a good recommendation! Thanks! This story is so fun and easy to read that I found myself caught up in book and was even able to ignore my kids as they pulled on every limb as I tried to grab a minute to read. It's a great story of a young , Miri, who learns to find herself and be comfortable in her own skin. Of course all off this is taking place as her and the s from Mount Eskel train to become Princesses since the Prince is coming to their mountain to choose his bride (because the Priests have divinely chosen it as the home of the future Prince's bride). It is so fun to watch Miri grow and mature, and become her own person! I probably also loved this story so much because I spent a lot of time in my youth imagining that I was really a princess, hidden away in Utah because of some terrible reason. One day I would be told of my royal and taken back to my true world as a pampered princess (not to say that I wasn't already a spoiled child at the time... it's all in the title!) Shannon Hale writes so well, too. She explains things well enough that your senses can set up the scene vividly without over explaining every detail. I would definitely recommend this to all & will probably choose it for my book club book when my month comes along!

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Melissa said...

Glad you enjoyed it! (I'm always happy when other people like the books I like...) I'm about halfway through River Secrets (another by Shannon), and loving it, too.