Sunday, April 15, 2007

Obsessive Compulsions

I have been tagged by my fabulous friend over at Fantastic Five to do this silly meme... my be obsessive compulsive, no way!! Well, those of you that know me know that's funny, cause I do get real obsessive. Besides fun and working I've been able to reflect about what really is obsessive in my life & what can be okay. Here's five things:

  • Dishwasher - there is a way to load a dishwasher, MY WAY! I have a way that I like to have it loaded. Who knows if it's really the right way or not, but it's the way I learned (by my mom, and she knows everything) and it's just the way it should be. Silly I know. But I do love help (except from Gary, hehe) so I shove all my pride away and keep my mouth shut tight when someone else loads it not my way!
  • Laundry - folding laundry is in the same category as dish washing, I guess, but I had to give it it's one number because it's real important that my socks are folded together so I can see what the lower half looks like, not a ball. And the clothes have to be turned inside out before being folded or else what's the point.
  • Routine - every thing has to be in a routine. Of course, I'm okay with breaking from the routine, but I'll keep to it cause it makes life simple... especially for the kids. It is real healthy for those little ones and their biological clocks to know when is bed time, when is it time to eat, go potty, and so on. Same with the way I clean, you can always guess what I'll do in what order and what I'll be cleaning based on the day. Some may say boring... I say Simplified!
  • Picture Taking - I HAVE to have my camera with me at all times. Yeah, not insanely... like not if I'm running to the gas station or movie rental store. It's just that it's real important that I am able to capture the precious everyday moments as well as milestones and holidays. Having a broken camera lately has been real tough on me!
  • Chocolate - of course, CHOCOLATE, I could never even think of leaving out chocolate. It is my sweet escape from the day. My way to calm down when the pressure is rising. That sweet goodness melting in my mouth... mixed with other goodies like caramel, mint, nougat, so on. Anything but nuts... don't ever put nuts in my chocolate it steals away that melt in my mouth that I crave and for! YUMMY, I've got to go now & get some!!

That's all I'm confessing tonight... I tag Sheena Schippers, Valerie Morris, Suzanne at A Rose..., Sue at 365 photos (if you'd like fellow picture taker), Jodie Marshall (even though it's not your norm, but I'd love to know what a glass bead maker obsessives over :)), and anyone else interested just leave me a post so I can check it out!


Fantastic Five said...

I love them. I used to be pretty OC about the dishwasher, as I grew up in a home with an OC mother. Anyway, it's amazing now that I have three kids, I just wanted it loaded. Now granted there is still a right way to do it, but I will pack it a bit more than before children, just so I can get the dishes done.

noell said...

I totally get you on the dishwasher and laundrey thing. I have someone come clean once a week and I actually re-arrange most of the dishes and silveware when she's done. I also re-fold the towels!