Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Haircut

It was a hard decision to make, to cut or not. Gary has these beautiful curls that everyone loves, and right now he's so in style with his shag-top. But when I couldn't see those gorgeous blue eyes anymore and people kept calling him a despite his all blue clothes... it was time. Don't worry we just trimmed it up, cutting about an inch or inch and a half all around. He is still stinkin' cute with curls! I am excited to see how it grows out since many people were worried the curls would be gone forever... we'll see. While he was getting his hair cut, though, I absolutely LOVED watching Gary's curious little smile and my grandma Norma's scrunched up face as she tried to get the cut before he jerked his head!


wawa joy said...

Trust me, he is still stinkin' cute!

Suzanne said...

Yep, he's still a cutie! I nominated you for a thinking blog award. Come to my blog for instructions! :)

Sue said...

Boy - that is one cute kiddo you have there! The curls will grow back so if you don't like the cut, just wait a few months :) I love the color of his hair too - with the blue eyes! He is one handsome little man - wait until he's older :)