Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Young Reunion

I love the Young family reunion! I love reconnecting with family (I've been friends with the Youngs long before I met Todd. If you don't know already, Todd's uncle is married to my aunt... so the Youngs are my family even more than through marriage. Chew that over for a bit :)) Everyone tries really hard to make this a really fun and memorable event, and for me it really is! This year the theme was hawaiian, yay, hosted mainly by Kris (my aunt) and Misty! There was carnival games, hawaiian festive food, and a lot of water fun! There was a scavenger hunt where we followed clues that led us to different parts of festive clothing such as: leis, grass skirts, flowers for the hair, flip-flops, etc. Although it was a deadly event, due to extreme heat, it was a lot of fun... especially for the kiddos! I love that my kids can know play with cousins and don't always need us right by their sides. I hope that events like these will provide them with the opportunity to stay connected with their extended family and develop meaningful relationships with them! To fund the reunions each year we have a "Country Store" and a small auction where items that have been donated are sold. I was reading in Grandma Young's journal, that had been typed up for the auction, and found it interesting that in 1983 she wrote about one of her family's reunions where they had a "Country Store" for the same reason. I guess good ideas stick! The reunion is always finished with a memorial service of Todd's Grandpa Young. I love hearing the stories of not only him but other family members that are told throughout the weekend. I try to write down as many as I can so I can share them with my kids as well! Thanks for the great reunion family!

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