Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Curly-haired Liv

I know, it's been forever... but here I am again, ready to get to posting often (I hope) once more! It's been a busy August enjoying the last bit of summer while getting Liv and Todd ready to go back to school (and trying to decide if I would be returning with them, which I won't be, not in the traditional sense). I als0 broke my camera lens and let a rock take a bite out of my tire, so it's been a costly month as well. But it's also been fun! The other day Liv and I decided to put curlers in her hair. I am so grateful that I do have a daughter that wants her hair done and sits so patiently, or else I would never even try since I wasn't like that at all! The after picture doesn't do the curls justice at all, but I still wanted to share my darling daughter with you all! I was amazed out how short the curls got her hair to be, her hair goes to the mid back. She didn't like it at first, not at all, but she warmed up to it after we all loved it so much :)


Anonymous said...

Cute, whens her mom going to try that? :0

Anonymous said...
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tami and todd said...

I don't think your wife will look as cute, ya know.... *wink wink*