Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mr. Snowman

A week ago or so southern Utah got some snow, enough that it stuck around through the day. The kids were super excited, it was so cute! That afternoon we bundled up and went out for some fun. The kids had themselves a little snowball fight full of giggles! Then, noticing the bit of snow on the tramp, had to take their fight onto the bouncy surface! Then we decided to make a snowman. This was the most fun I've ever had making a snowman since both the kids were extra helpful! Playing in the snow is so much more fun with two adorable kiddos! Plus, the sun was shining bright so we were actually quite warm, all the bundling wasn't actually necessary... just habit I guess. By the next day the snow on the ground had all melted, but we were excited that Mr. Snowman hung around a couple days longer!

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