Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nate & Amber's Visit

Last weekend we were treated to a visit from my "little" brother & his sweet girlfriend, Amber. It was a lot of fun, I mean a super lot of fun! We played a whole lot of Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, and laughed so hard so much! I bought some Jones' Cream Soda, which I don't usually drink anything but water and milk, so I was on a major sugar rush and laughed until I cried... so fun! I was disappointed that I forgot my camera when we took Amber to our local ghost town, Grafton. It really is a neat place, I think! Then we took them shooting. I was impressed by Nate's marksmanship, but even more impressed when Amber agreed to shooting the 270. I don't like those big guns, I stick to the little handguns! Afterwards we drove up to Toquerville Falls. That is such a pretty place, I love that we have a waterfall in our backyard :) They thought it was beautiful too, and worth the very slow and very bumpy drive to get there!


Dean and Rachel said...

Your kids are so cute. I love Liv's hair. How old is your brother now? Old enough to have a gf I guess:) Hope you're doing well!!!

tami and todd said...

Hey Rae Rae, it's good to hear from you, I was just thinking of you the other day... sad that we've lost touch mostly. Anyways, so I'm happy to hear from you! Nate is 19 now. He'd love to be on a mission but because of a tubing accident they've made him wait a year now so he could get surgeries done. In the meantime he's been working hard as a head lifeguard and going to school at SLCC... he'll be graduating with his associates at the end of this semester, yay! I'm very proud of him :)
Can you believe Gary boy will be four in a couple weeks!?! So big! Liv is such a joy, she's in kindergarten now and learning so much, somedays she totally blows me away with what she knows! You guys (and your little one, whom I would love to meet) should come visit us sometime! It's beautiful down here & we'd love to show you around :)

Wendy and Spencer said...

I'm jealous of how warm it looks there! We would love to have you guys visit! That's neat you are by Grafton. I think I have ancestors from there.