Saturday, July 24, 2010

Independence Day

I know that this is super duper belated, but I feel funny that it's been so long since I posted something so I chose to post this nonetheless! The events keep happening and leaving me little time to sit and edit then post... it's been an insanely busy month! But I love it, July is, BY FAR, my favorite month! So for Independence Day (since I'm trying not to just call it "The Fourth of July" cause if you think about it it really does sounds kinda silly) we had a little barbeque with the Christensens. I cooked uplots of yumminess in patriotic colors which also made them fun to eat! The kids especially loved the blue star shaped ice cubes! The weather was wonderful (this was before the insane heat wave hit) so we were able to sit outside and play games mostly! When the sun had set we started fireworks. Lonnie and Todd were able to put on a great show with our $25 bunch of fireworks. In-between choosing which fountain to do Lonnie would throw out some flowers then Todd would like another firework or two... it was fun! I am very grateful for our country, and for those who fight for our freedom!

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Laura Joy and Quinton said...

Sounds like a great holiday. And its never too late to blog about fun events :) Mine are on average a month late ;) I need you to head up my parties, I need some blue star shaped icecubes! You are always so much fun and so thoughtful about stuff :)