Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garys First Soccer Game

Gary boy had his first ever soccer game! He was a littleembarrassed when told not to touch the ball with his hands, but after some coaxing he joined the group again. He was so excited the whole game whether he had the ball or someone else did! And it was pretty crazy watching the group of eight chase the ball around! His coach let him have a try at being goalie... I'm not so sure that's the right position for him, too much watching. Once the ball came down to him he stopped it, then kicked it back in, but was disappointed when he was told he couldn't run back down the field with the rest of the team! I'm really excited to see how playing a sport helps him learn to work together, follow rules, make friends, and so on!


larry said...

Gary is a PRO just look at that kicking form and big smile.....
Yea keep kicking it hard Gary, Love you,
Grandpa Larry

jsimper said...

This post reminds me of enrolling Audree in soccer when she was 5 or 6. She had a little bit of a focusing issue, (still does sometimes, lol)so when she was goalie I was always telling her to get off the net and watch the ball.