Monday, September 12, 2011

Becky & Vinnie's Engagements

For four years I have been waiting to take these pictures!  I'm so grateful that Becky & Vinnie asked me to actually do them!  We had a lot of fun doing the shoot!  I just wish we had more time.  The canyon walls make the sunlight very unpredictable, but it was a very successful shoot!  For more of their pictures click here for my photography blog!


Laura Joy and Quinton said...

I love your photos! They are all so amazing and inspiring. But it is time for more photos of Suzy!

Laura Joy and Quinton said...

and another around of family photos for you!

tami and todd said...

I know huh! The problem is that it's really hard to take pictures of yourself, so I'm going to hire a photographer friend of mine this time. The problem with that... I need money ;) I hope I get to see you when I come up this weekend!