Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  This year we are a bunch of skeletons by request of Gary Boy!  I'd say that I don't know why they're all so boney because we feed them so well... but they don't eat as well as we feed them (except maybe Suzy) so I guess it fits!  Anyways, I think they're very cute!  The other day I had to take Liv into the dentist and he asked her if she was going to dress up and go ask strangers for candy?  This made me chuckle and really think about what we do on Halloween... cause it's just that!  We do the opposite of what we have been taught and teach!  Oh well... we are excited to do some
trick-or-treating, and hope that you all get lots of candy too!


Dean and Rachel said...

What a great idea! Did you make the costumes?

tami and todd said...

Thanks Rachel! We chose them at the after halloween sales last year. I got burnt out making costumes after the robots two years ago!