Saturday, November 26, 2011

Month of Gratitude - Day 26

I am grateful for traditions!  Since I was four-ish my dad has held season tickets to the Utah State University Aggie football games!  We went to their home games whether it was sunny, rainy, or snowing.  I am grateful for all the memories I have of these games.  So every now and then I get the chance to take my kiddos to a game, which we did today.  As I was watching my sweet Liv endure the cold I remembered being in her shoes.  I had no idea why we were torturing ourselves to watch this game, and that was when I started asking my dad about football.  "What's a down" "What do you mean, 'holding'"  "How can you even tell the difference!?" and so on.  I get so excited when I get to share this tradition with my kids, and I'm excited to see what traditions of our own we create and the kids will cherish!

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