Sunday, February 12, 2012

What We Were Up To In January

What a month January has been!  It started with a wonderful trip to Texas!  For my Christmas present my family sent me to Texas where my mom's side of the family lives.  I had been really missing them and bummed that they hadn't met Suzy who is named after their sister, so I thought it'd be awesome to take her down to meet them.  They were all super excited too!  We all met at a hotel in San Antonio.  We had a great time mostly just hanging out with each other.  I loved getting to know my younger cousins better, they have grown up so much while I wasn't watching!  We also went to the River Walk.  It's beautiful, but I'm never going back on a Saturday night ever again!  It was crazy busy!  My favorite part, though, was playing a simple game called "if/then" with the group... we ended up laughing until tears come!  I know my mom was there with us laughing too, and full of joy that we were all together doing exactly what she'd be doing if she was here!
On January 14th my cousins Steven Young (well he's Todd's cousin too, but we won't get into that complicatedness) got married to a sweetheart named Gabbi!  First of all, I LOVED her dress!  And my second favorite part of their wedding was the "kids table", it kept my kiddos entertained pretty much the whole time!  I did a photo booth for them too.  I really enjoy doing that, and would love to have a real set up for it someday!  I'm very happy for this cute couple!

The week following that I took Suzy in for a fever she had had for six days.  I kept thinking it had to be just teething because she didn't have any other symptoms... but I was wrong.  After a couple tests they found out that she had Kawasaki Disease, inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels.  They admitted her to the hospital for an IVIG (basically antibodies into the vein through IV).  That was not fun.  They did an EKG the next morning, it showed a healthy heart so no damage was caused by the disease.  We still have one more blood test to go before they've declared her officially over it, but once she is the doc says he's never seen it come back!

It was an insanely busy month.  My Januarys are usually the quietest month of the whole year, so hopefully this isn't going to be the tone for the whole year!  But I'm excited for this year... Todd's general contracting business is progressing steadily!  Liv will be turning 8 and getting baptized in July!  Gary boy will start first grade and be in school all day!  Suzy turns one :P but that means all sorts of milestones for her!  And in March we'll be relaxing with the Young family in the Carribean on a cruiseliner!  Plus, all the things we don't know are coming (all good of course, no more hospital stays!)  Bring it on 2012!

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Laura Joy and Quinton said...

Hey friend! I know this is an old post, sorry! Is suzy doing good?? I can't wait to hear about your cruise!