Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suzy's 1st Birthday Party (finally posted)

Since our "Little Lady" was turning one we decided to have a "Ladybug" themed party!  It was a quick one, but it was a hit!  I crocheted her dress!  I'm pretty excited about this since it's not only the first dress I've ever made, but I created the pattern myself!  Everything at the party was red, black, and white, incorperating polk dots where ever possible!  We started with presents, then did cake and treats.  I really don't like cupcakes but it was a busy day so I had to simplify.  Plus, I think it's so much easier on the baby to eat a cupcake instead of something larger.  For the finale of the party we had a ladybug hunt!  It really wasn't that difficult because we let out about 1500 ladybugs (you can buy them for about $7 at a garden nursery) at once, but the kids loved it.  They probably loved it because it was so easy!  They put their jars into mason jars I had decorated, but I'm pretty sure most of them were let out into gardens once they were home!  Happy Birthday little Suzy!  I can't believe you're one!


Laura Joy and Quinton said...

That was the best party! I'll never forget the ladybugs! My kids loved it!

tami and todd said...

Thanks, you're so kind!