Monday, August 19, 2013

July 2013

  Our month started with a camping trip with friends, the Thayers, to a place in Beaver.  It was beautiful weather with some small sprinklings to keep it cool!  We weren't allowed to do fireworks here, so we came up with our own firework style... adding mentos to soda bottles!  The guys got inventive, trying different techniques besides just dropping the candy in and watching a geyser, so it was actually very entertaining!

  The next week I made a trip to Salt Lake to take bridal pictures of my soon to be sister-in-law, Mac, and to help throw her a bridal shower.  I loved this shower!  I went with a "Something Blue" theme.  Each guest was asked to buy a gift for an assigned room and to incoperate the color blue :)  I was so pleased that every guest actually accepted the challenge!  It made watching the gift unwrapping even more fun to see how they accomplished their task!  The picture shows Mac's excitement as I did not fail to deliver my "special" blue gift for the bedroom! *wink wink*

  Olivia took her friends to the Paul Mitchell hair school to get pampered!  They got their hair done and nails painted.  I brought them dress up clothes and glitter tattoo stuff.  They giggled a lot and had fun acting like the ponies from the "My Little Pony" show.  I love that Liv has a good group of friends!  Her birthday gift from her mom and dad was her first two wheeler bike!  She's super excited about learning how to ride it :)

We love to go boating, and we love taking friends with us!  The kids each brought a good friend.  They could've rode that tube all day! Karlene, Todd, and I got to ski, but big Gary wasn't able to this time since he broke his foot.  Trouble maker ;)

  East Canyon is a Montgomery tradition.  Since we moved to southern Utah we haven't been able to participate for several years, but thanks to the wedding we were in town!  The kids had fun hanging out with their cousins, playing games, doing crafts, swimming, and golfing!  I enjoyed watching my kids make memories that I had at their age! 

  On Pioneer Day we walked/rode in the Toquerville parade.  Gary boy was singing with the ward primary.  Gpa and Gma Young and Suzy rode in the old red car and threw candy at the spectators :)  I rode along side our girl scout troop on the tiny red car :)  Then we had breakfast at the park and later went to festivities in Springdale. (pictures out of sequence...)

  My aunt, Shannon, her daughter, Alexis, and Gma Betty flew from Texas for the wedding, so we got to hang out :)  One of the down days we went to the Clark Planetarium.  They have some fun exhibits there that the kids loved.  Suzy's favorite was the moon... she kept pointing at it saying "My moon!  My moon!"

  The month finished off with a bang as Nate and Micheala (Mac) was married in the Brigham City temple on July 30th!  They are very happy together and I'm excited for their life together!

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