Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Baby Blankets

So remember those baby blankets I was going on about back in like January?  Well now that they have been delivered I can finally post the last couple I made:

The blue and white one was specially ordered and made for my sister-in-law, Kolbi, to be given to her recently arrived baby Ryker!  This is not my favorite blanket to make, in fact after I finished the first one I made I swore I'd never make it again.... but when Kolbi asked for this 
one there was no way I'd turn her down!  The body of the blanket is actually really simple and gets done quite quickly.  The difficult part is stitching in the lines, when
 working in the center rows it's bulky and awkward.  In the end, though, I'm very happy with it.  It matches Ryker's nursery well and Kolbi was very happy to receive it on his behalf!

The white blanket with spirals was time consuming but I love how it turned out!  It's different than other patterns I have done, but I'm glad I took the challenge because the look is worth the work!  I think it's very elegant and playful at the same time!  I gave this blanket to Jenny Hansen for her recently arrived baby Jaxton (He was delivered yesterday!)  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give it to her myself, but I'm hoping she was pleased. 


Wendy and Spencer said...

Beautiful! I love the spirals and the blue one with stripes. I'd love to try them but I'll trust you that they are hard and save them for later :)

TyandKolbi said...

I have received so many compliments on this blanket...thank you again! We love it!