Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lake Powell '09

This year's trip to Lake Powell was the most enjoyable I've had for a long time!  I think that has a lot to do with Linda... Liv was her constant shadow and Linda welcomed it happily!  Those two spent a lot of time looking for seashells and playing games with the family!  Every boat ride we went on the kids wanted to sit on Grandma's lap, and Linda made it work so both grandkids could sit.  Since she was willing to play with the kids it took a lot of stress off of me so I was actually able to relax from time to time!  Todd was there for the first few days, yay!  We actually went a day early and camped on a beach.  We were to find a beach to park the houseboat on for the week, but that turned out to be a difficult job!  It was a packed weekend!  But we were very pleased with the beach we ended up on (Kris and Lyle, the usual beach finders, eventually found it for us!)  But Todd headed home on Tuesday because summer session of school was starting :(  I was very proud of him for being responsible, though, and skipping the rest of the trip to take care of business!  But I was devastated to discover that earlier that day somehow all of my pictures had been deleted off of the memory card :(  I still have no idea how this happened, and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if Gary Boy had somehow pressed the buttons necessary to do this.  So you'll see little pictures of Todd because of this, totally bums me out!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tami for the Pictures It was a great trip. It's been a week now and I still not recovered. sure appreciate Gary and Karlene for the use of the boat and all the time the spent helping us and the Lyle and Kris clan is a great one to spend a week with. THANKS YOUNGS and Linda was marvelous...again

Wardles said...

it sounds and looks like so much fun!!