Thursday, November 12, 2009

Latest Creations

Over the last couple months I have finished two baby blankets for precious baby girls! The first one was not my favorite as I started it, but it grew on me and I ended up really liking it! The baby this one is for hasn't arrived yet but is due any minute, I'm excited to meet her! The second one is an all time favorite, not just for me but for my customers (yes, I do sell my blankets too. I think I've mentioned that before). This is the second request I've had for this one & I'm excited to see how it goes with the baby. This little princess has an antique white dress (from the early 1900s) that she'll be wearing when she is blessed, so her mom asked that I make this one as it fits the flavor of that era. I think that is awesome!


Tyler and Sheena said...

I need to have another baby so I can get another one of your amazing creations. I still love that pink and white one you made for Kate. Love it!

tami and todd said...

Thanks! I think I didn't make one for Ella (don't ask me why, I don't know what I was thinking)... maybe I'll have to make up for that one of these days :)

Anonymous said...

You are so talented, every time I see one of your "creations" I believe you honor your Mom. You are incredible.