Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bees are Cute Around Here!

I have been slacking on posting my crocheting projects, so I'll try to get caught up :) These cute little bees were a lot of fun to make! They're a few inches tall and cuddly! Now I'm working on a horse for Liv (and next Gary boy is asking for a dragon) so I'll have more fun animals to post... so keep an eye out!


Tammy said...

Adorable! Do you knit too? If so you should check out my friend's blog at www.permissiontounwind.blogspot.com

Wendy and Spencer said...

Really cute! How is it crocheting little things like that, are they called Amiguri? Is it really hard to make them turn out?

tami and todd said...

Not at all, I think. Plus you get done real quick. I've seen your booties and if you can do those you can make animals :)