Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

This year we left the sunshine and warmth of southern Utah to visit family in Salt Lake City. Up there the weather has their holidays mixed up... Dear Weather, it's supposed to snow Christmas morning, NOT Easter morning! But it was warm enough that with jackets the kids could still go outside and have their egg hunt (and, as you can see, the snow didn't stick anyways.) There were so many eggs that it appeared each kid had a blast, each finding several! I loved being in a house filled with family, to me that's the most important part of any major holiday (next to the celebrating of Christ, of course)!


magicdarts said...

Family time, celebrating the important people in our lives , that's what I think easter is about too - we had a pretty cold easter weekend here in the UK, thank goodness the weather is sunnier now!

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ski_zeeks said...

Todd & Tami -
We haven't seen you forever - just found out this morning that your former house just sold - so it looks like we will be getting new neighbors again at the beginning of May. We miss your family. The boys ask what Olivia is up to. She is so cute. Hope all is well with you guys. Stop by and say hi sometime when you are up in Salt Lake.
Kristine Davis