Sunday, May 2, 2010

Leeds, England Mission

Last weekend I was able to drive up to Salt Lake so I could be there when my "little" brother opened his mission call! On July 30th, 2010 he'll fly to the the LDS missionary training center in England! I was so happy to be there when he opened it. He was shaking with excitement and his smile was too wide for his face! I think England is a great fit for him... he gets to go to a different country but doesn't have to worry about learning a completely new language! I am very proud of him!


Wendy and Spencer said...

I heard from my parents... SO exciting! Tell him congrats from us!

Quinton and Laura Joy said...

Hey, that neat he's going to the England MTC. As for not learning a new language... I went to "English Speaking" Australia, lol. I'm sure he'll have to learn all anew. Good times!