Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recent Creations

Sorry I've been away for so long. I ended up getting two jobs and pregnant all at the same time! But things are calming down now so hopefully I'll be around more again! Here are some of the blankets I have finished while away... making a circle blanket went really fast and was totally different. I'm not totally in love with this one (except the color) but I'm excited to try some of the other circle blanket patterns I have! The white one was a ton of work, but I loved how it turned out! It's thick and soft, very neat combination! I hope to be posting some more soon.


Tyler and Sheena said...

I like the pattern on that blue one.

So how are you doing? I noticed that your baby ticker says you are 22 weeks. Did your due date get changed? Do you know when you find out what you are having? Any inklings?

tami and todd said...

I'd been meaning to change that widget... I think I mixed up the numbers on month and day. But now that it's been noticed I changed it! I'll be 18 weeks on Sunday... the baby is due on April 3rd, and we find out on Nov 10th if it's a boy or a girl!