Monday, November 1, 2010

Grateful Day #1 - Family

What can I say, my family is my #1! I am so grateful that I have two wonderful children (and one on the way). Liv is an angel (most of the time), she loves school and learning. She's not very talkative in class but she absorbs everything. She loves to write her own stories and play with her dolls. She's got a close group of friends at school that the counselor calls the "Tea Party Girls" cause their quiet and keep to themselves. I'm so happy to see her being social! Gary boy is anything but shy! He is a ball full of energy... ALL of the time! So he's a bit more of a handful, especially for his teachers, but I'm happy for it because he has so much personality! He has this extreme imagination that it's hard to keep up with hat he's got going on in his mind. He's always making gun and car sounds, I'm impressed by what sounds he can make! He is his daddy & grandpa's shadow... I can't wait to see what he ends up doing when he "grows up"! This little baby that has yet to arrive, I am so grateful that we will be blessed with another angel! I'm excited to see what this child will be like and how he/she will fit into our family! And them, most importantly, I am very very grateful for my sweet husband! Todd and I have been married for over 7 years now! We have had our ups and downs and I feel like we are doing better now then ever! I can honestly say he is my better half! He keeps my head on straight and is incredibly patient with me! I think he deserves a medal for being my husband! I am grateful for his hard work at school and providing for our family all these years!

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